Pathfinder (Hybrid)


Pathfinder serrano blazes a trail to pepper bliss. Pepper breeding geniuses behind the scenes combined huge, thick-walled fruit with high yields and compact plants to bring you more fruit in less space. Just when we thought it could not get better they added early-mid maturity (78-80 days), deep green color and disease resistance. Pathfinder is strong plant that is well adapted to both cool and warm conditions. The leaf canopy protects an abundance of 4.5-5” deep green, cylindrical, smooth, shiny fruit throughout the season. Pathfinder is resistant to Tm: 0 and X spp 0-3, 7, 8, with high pungency and an average fruit weight of 30grams.  

Scoville Heat Units: ~ 9,000

  • Compact, strong Plant habit 
  • High yielding 
  • Well adapted to many climates