Miz America (Hybrid)


Miz America is a beautiful red mizuna with exceptionally uniform leaf color, shape and size. It was bred to produce high quality baby greens and still maintain its deep, dark red color on both sides of the leaf, even at a mature stage. An upright plant habit and thick leaf decreases damage from inclement weather and makes for easy harvesting. Miz America has a pleasant, mild taste compared to typical mustards – not bitter or spicy. It is a favorite for multiple markets – indoor and outdoor baby leaf growers, farm market growers and home gardeners (where its harvested young or let to grow full-size). Miz America is also loved by ornamental growers, who mix it with flowering plants in both containers and landscapes.

  • Maintains deep red color
  • Mild peppery flavor
  • Grown for baby leaf or mature leaf

Sakata Indoor Greens

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