Little SnapPea Crunch


Little SnapPea Crunch brings healthy snacking to smaller garden spaces! The compact yet productive plants grow well in large containers, small or large gardens. Expect lots of crunchy, sweet, juicy, edible pod peas in about 58-60 days. Little SnapPea Crunch holds well as the weather warms. In-ground plants will reach 32 inches, container-grown plants will be smaller. For pea shoots, mature in 13 days and displays very short internodes. Full/frilly heart-shaped leaf, tender, flavorful stem and a full fresh and crunchy flavor profile. High loft makes these nice as a garnish or as a stand-alone salad green.

  • Small but productive plant for containers
  • Sweet and crunchy, even as the weather warms
  • Great for healthy snacking

Sakata Indoor Greens

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