Desperado (Hybrid)


The name Anaheim was coined by farmer, Manuel Ortega, who brought a mild strain of green peppers from New Mexico to Anaheim, CA in 1894. Manuel would be proud of Desperado with its bold attitude and high yields. The plants are tall with good cover to protect harvests from the summer sun. Fruits are smooth and straight, measure about 7.5” long by 1.5” at the shoulder and are mostly 2 lobed. They are heavy for their size with medium wall thickness. Harvest green in about 70 days from transplant. Very mild heat measures 350-600 scovilles. Fruits can be used fresh or preserved dry or in oil or vinegar.

Scoville Heat Units: ~ 2,000

  • Very mild heat measures 350-600 scovilles
  • Use fresh, preserve dry or in oil or vinegar